Langue : Français



Drums - Choirs


Guitar - Choirs


Bass - Vocals


Lead Guitar

Imagine a time when there were three worlds: Firë-Enmek, the land of Mortals and a land of suffering; Namwell, a land of bliss and harmony; and Meldral-Nok, a cursed land where only chaos and fire prevailed. Welcome to the universe created by Lord Shades.

The band’s music doesn’t merely consist in a simple guitar, bass and drums trio: it develops and expands into a concept evolving around truly original compositions that mix gloomy moods with epic atmospheres, symphonic orchestrations with traditional music, melancholy tunes with ruthless blast beats.

Lord Shades’ work then results in a dark and powerful black and death metal. Its refined orchestrations, choirs and sound effects give a unique scope to the whole and the numerous guests that enrich each track are also part and parcel of the band’s identity and originality.

After The Downfall of Firë-Enmek and The Rise of Meldral-Nok, Lord Shades proudly present their third album, the very last part that puts an end to the trilogy. This is where Lord Shades’ amazing journey ends, a journey that is at the centre of an original tale worthy of a timeless saga.