Lord Shades is the gathering of four passionate musicians who wanted to build up their own world and met around a project entirely created by one of them: Alex.
This world is made up of three lands: Firë-Enmek, the Land of the Living, Namwell, a Land of magic and bliss, and Meldral-Nok, the Accursed Land.
Welcome to the World of Lord Shades...

The Band’s music isn’t limited to the traditional guitar/bass/drums structure: it develops a concept of its own where heavy and evil atmospheres are accompanied by epic moments, traditional folk music, devastating blast beats, etc., all these elements merging together so as to form a dark and powerful type of black and death metal.
Besides, orchestrations, choirs, and sound effects add further depth to the music as no fewer than 17 guest musicians joined the band to enrich the songs: flutes, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, violin, cello, acoustic guitars, lyrical voices, and choirs.

Lord Shades have their own personality and their own definitions of the words “epic” and “symphonic”: they offer the listener an amazing travel within a deep musical world alternating between extremely brutal moments and atmospheric parts, like a real epic.

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