Langue : Français



Here is the group which was at the moment even unknown. Nevertheless, ' lord shades ' is a group typical from us (France). This first autoproduced album is entitled-' the downfall of fire enmek ' .The presentation of the album could let believe that the group is directed ' metal Viking '. And indeed not, the young group plays in a
style rather black / death atmospherik influenced by the médieval fantastic subject. The album consists of 8 titles for a total duration of about fifty minutes. In general the sound is good to see even very good for an autoproduction. The medieval ambience looked for by the group is perfectly reproduced and remains present throughout the album. Composition are fluid and eccentric for this style already very developed nowadays.
This originality is probably bound to the means of orchestration used by the band,Such as traditional instruments, percussions, flute, accordion and keyboards which bring a fantastic dimension to all the compositions. Here is the very promising and very inspired group which does not wait more than the gratitude of a label as high as their ambitions. In the meantime, already savor this first promising album which waits only to be listened to. Coroner