Langue : Français



With a massive sound the atmospheric black/death metal from these Frenchmen comes into your house. Just as massive as their different sound effects using a whole lot of guest musicians and other instruments like violin, bouzouki, flute and bagpipes to name a few.

After a few spins the album grows on you and you get used to the sometimes lengthy songs, the longest being about 12 minutes and the shortest about 4 minutes. It’s obvious that Lords Shades tried to put everything into “The Rise Of Meldrak Nok” which gives it sometimes a bit of an overwhelming character. The phrase less is more is most certainly not the thing for Lords Shades.

Musically it’s somewhere between Dimmu Borgir, some Greek bands like Septic Flesh or Rotting Christ and Behemoth. Throw in some folk, some heavy metal, some classical stuff and some progressive music and than still you haven’t got everything. It’s epic and lonesome, beautiful and grim, fast and slow, heavy and light, it’s just Lords Shades. I was really surprised about the craftsmanship these French have when it comes to write songs in such a bombastic manner and even more surprised that i never heard of them before.

With all the bombast to be heard on “The Rise Of Meldrak Nok” there is a tiny but… The normal parts, that is the death/black metal, are a bit skinny compared to the other parts but it’s not a problem as the parts are played well and satisfy the ears whom are craving for death/black metal. Highly recommended but it may take a few spins before you start to fully appreciate it. Stefan