Langue : Français


Metal Revolution

Lord Shades is the gathering of four very passionate and highly talented musicians from France. The band has worked for more than two years on their sophomore album entitled The Rise Of Meldral-Nok which was released earlier this year. This new seven tracker opus is sequel to their debut The Downfall Of Fire-Enmek (2008).

The music on The Rise Of Meldral-Nok isn’t limited to the traditional guitar, bass and drum structure, but it rather develops a concept of its own with evil atmospheres accompanied by some epic moments, traditional Folkish music and devastating blast beats. Lord Shades has definitely own personality and also own definition of the words ‘epic’ and ‘symphonic’.

Despite of the fact that the whole album is self-produced it still sounds powerful, devastating and with numerous orchestrations, sound-effects, choirs and other things which all together only enrich their unique sound. It is also quite amazing that no fewer than 17 guest musicians are taking part on this album, joining the band with flutes, violin, accordion, cello, acoustic guitars, choirs, hurdy-gurdy and lyrical voices. It is impressive gathering that is getting more and more common, yet only succeed in a few constellations. Thus, I’ll dare to compare Lord Shades’ latest offering as one similar to Folkearth, Therion and other Folkish, sorrowful and yet atmospheric giants bands. Their music is heavy, tight, but also classical and emotional.

To sum things up a bit; The Rise Of Meldral-Nok is a rather special release, packed in a beautifully designed digi-pack and with a complete booklet containing lyrics as well as a detailed exposition of the story. Highly recommended for fans of the genre! Find out more at the band’s official site here; Bato