Langue : Français


Behind The Veil

About three years after their debut album, “The Downfall of Fire-Enmek”, the French quartet strikes back with their sophomore full length work, “The Rise of Meldral-Nok” delivering a top class and high energy mixture of death with black metal.

Their rendition of this genre may not be original or ground breaking but it proves that the guys have real passion for this music, they love what they do and they have the skills to achieve and create some amazing results. So, their album is filled with catchy riffs, elaborate guitar solos, intricate parts, fast tempos for the most part and an eerie, haunted, blackened atmosphere surrounding the songs. The vocals are mainly deep guttural howls sometimes enriched with black metal screams and quite often accompanied by some ethereal female vocals that create a beautiful contradiction. So, I guess things are simple and straightforward… if you like technical atmospheric black/death metal music, then I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like “The Rise of Meldral-Nok” quite a bit! Christine