Langue : Français

The Rise of Meldral-Nok

I. The Leave Taking 9.08'
II. Awareness 6.37'
III. Ancient Fears 9.29'
IV. Lust For Death 5.40'
V. The Dark Fleet 10.08'
VI. Fool of Wisdom 4.17'
VII. The Pledge 11.47'


Alex - Basse/Chant
Fabien - Guitare
Cyril - Guitare
Nico - Batterie


Julia Campens - Violin
Edouard Gautron - Cello
Olivier Perrin - Acoustic Guitar
Natacha Palance - Mezzo & Soprano Voices
Gunnar Bjursell - Tenor Voices
Claire Moinet & Sandra Bourbonnais
Female Voices
Laurent Barbarit & Alex - Narrations

Special Thanks to Laurent Barbarit, Olivier Perrin, Arnaud Rossin, Alex, Nico, Olivier Thillou, Frédéric, Guillaume, Xavier Gondeau and Vincent Van Bieshroeck for their participation in Ancient Fears and The Dark Fleet.
'Les Genoux' at The Pledge
Sébastien Daubord - Bouzouki
Géraldine Gallois - Accordion
Kevin Dalot - Hurdy Gurdy
Raphael Bellet - Flute & Bagpipes
Stephane Fraudet - Percussions

All music - Alex & Lord Shades
All words - Laurent Barbarit
Symphonic arrangements & sound design- Olivier Perrin & Lord Shades
Concept - Laurent Barbarit & Lord Shades
All tracks recorded - Olivier Perrin & Lord Shades
All tracks mixed and mastered - Lasse Lammert at LSD TonStudio Lubeck, Germany
Cover Artwork & package design - Stanis W Decker
Lord Shades logo - David Trinquart

Very Special Thanks to

Olivier Perrin, Laurent Barbarit, Stanis W Decker, Lasse Lammert/LSD Tonstudio, NP & 'la salle', Lucie, Olivier Thillou & I-Media, Claire, Natacha, Julia, Doudou, Sandra, Kermhit (Kermhit Asso), Aurore Berger Bjursell & Gunnar, Robert & Danielle, David Trinquart, Fred Temps, all our friends and all those who contributed to the album.