Langue : Français

The Uprising of Namwell

I. Beyond the Wall of Sleep 4.18'
II. Nightly Visions 4.16'
III. The Dark Host 6.42'
IV. The Gift 10.21'
V. Woe to Thee (Vae Solis) 9.04'
VI. The Revenge of Namwell 8.38'
VII. The Awakening 6.30'
VIII. A New Dawn 15.47'


Alex - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Fabien - Guitars
Cyril - Guitars & Lead
Nico - Drums
Composition - Alex
Sound Designer - Olivier Perrin
Orchestral arrangements - Olivier Perrin
Sound recording - Alex & Lord Shades
Sound mixing - Lasse Lammert (LSD-Studio)
Artwork - Stan W-Decker
Lord Shades Logo - David Trinquart
Concept Album - Laurent Barbarit & Alex
Lyrics - Laurent Barbarit
Lyrics in Latin for Choirs - Hugo Blanchet
Lyrics in Algerian Arabic on "The Awakening" - Sofiane Si-Ammour (2under)

Olivier Perrin – Acoustic guitars on Beyond the Wall of Sleep & Nightly Visions
Géraldine Gallois – Accordion on Nightly Visions
Salim Menad & Fabien Bernard – Percussions on The Dark Host
Arnaud Rossin – Solo Guitar on The Dark Host & Piano on A New Dawn
Karine Sauter – Torture screams on The Dark Host
Marie-B Jourdain – Female vocals on Woe to Thee
Lord Shades Choirs* - Choirs on Woe to Thee, The Revenge of Namwell and A New Dawn
Sofiane Si-ammour (2under) – Algerian Vocals on The Awakening
Nicolas Leceux – Bağlama on The Awakening
Nico – Percussions on The Awakening
Julien Michenaud – Flute on The Awakening
Claire Moinet – Female vocals on The Awakening
Amapola** – Introductory choirs on A New Dawn
Natacha Palance – Female vocals on A New Dawn
Frédéric Guillaume – Narration on A New Dawn

*Lord Shades Choirs are :

Women: Marie-B Jourdain, Claire Moinet, Sandra Bourbonnais, Cécile Jacquelin, Amélie Raynaud, Anaïs Bouziane,Pauline Floury, Lydie Delaveau, Géraldine Gallois, Sophie Mercier
Men: Bertrand Butte, Frédéric Guillaume, Laurent Carbone, Damien & Sylvain Brunaud, Marc Aubert, Christophe Bordas, Séverin Valière, Arnaud & Gilles Rossin, Alex, Nico, Robin Belle, Loïc Lucas, Pierre Prevost

**Amapola are:

Sandra Bourbonnais, Anne Gourbault, Fanny Jeannin, Emilie Renoncet, Claire Moinet, Tania Sheflan

Very Special Thanks to

All those who took part in this album and are mentioned above, Olivier Perrin for all his hard work, Laurent Barbarit and his long-standing involvement, Arnaud Rossin for his legendary and inexhaustible welcome, Robert and Danielle Imbert for "lending" their cave, Doudou and Mickey from I-Media for all the equipment, Kermhit for his unwavering support, Amélie Raynaud (Aleymia) for her many photos, Séverin Valière for loaning her AKG 214, Damien François for her drums, Rémi Huglo for lending his lovely acoustic guitar, and of course, thank youuuuuuuuu !!!!