Lord Shades, 3rd Chapter

Brainstorming on the next opus, ideas are flowing, the first riffs are beginning to take shape.

Release of the new French Metal compilation!

Lust for Death is available on La colère des Titans, a compilation created by French Metal

W.O.A : Pictures and video

The photos and videos of Wacken 2012 are online!

Lord Shades at St Fiel Fest #2

Lord Shades will be performing at St Fiel Fest #2, France, which takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of November

The show in Châteauroux was a success!

We organised our first concert at the 9Cube, France, and everything went well!

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05-05-2015 Lord Shades, 3rd Chapter
11-12-2014 Live at Gueret
10-04-2014 Live at Vichy
09-08-2014 Live at Chateauroux
07-19-2014 Live at Tolmin (Slovenie)
05-11-2014 Live at Limoges
04-10-2014 Live at Chauvigny
12-09-2013 Live at Nevers
12-09-2013 Live at Nevers
12-04-2013 Live at Nantes

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